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Each piece is desinged, crafted, and minutely finalized here in the United States, by MASTER JEWELER Klaus and his outstanding crew of A Jour Jewelry.

I gurantee no corners are cut. We finish all our pieces in the UNCOMPROMISING SWISS QUALITY Tradition using only the finest materials. The rich feel of my pieces speaks for itself.

"One of a kind", "Unique", "Flawless" is my life!

Every single piece that leaves this store is guarenteed to have been handcrafted to our utmost potential.

The Compliments will be Neverending.

Join the Club! Klaus the Jeweler

  • About Klaus

    “Klaus Kutter", he was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. At the age of five, he moved with his family to Switzerland where he grew up.
    In 1987, he entered the apprenticeship program at the Jens Grisson “Atelier” in Geneva, Switzerland. After four years, in 1991, under the critical eye of Master Grisson he graduated with the best national jewelry exam results in a decade.

  • Work Experience

    In Geneva, he is primary working in the development of special edition ROLEX watches and ROLEX jewelry, as well as some PATEK PHILIPPE watches. Klaus worked on an important crown and much more very high end jewelry.

    In 1992, he took over the Jewelry Design Department at the KRIA Company in Milan, Italy. There he had the privilege of working directly with jewelry designer FULVIO PORLEZZA, a leading Italian designer.

    In 1995 he started A Jour Jewelry here in Bristol, Rhode Isalnd, USA going strong ever since!

  • Design Awards

    I have participated in many Jewelry Design Competitions and received countless Jewelry Design Awards.

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