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Triangle Ring

Triangle Ring

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Introducing the stunning "Triangle Ring" - a captivating fusion of geometric elegance and vibrant beauty. This exquisite ring showcases a mesmerizing triangle-cut green tourmaline, weighing approximately 0.73 carats. Set in a 14k gold band with a matte finish, this ring exudes modern sophistication with a touch of uniqueness.

Prepare to be captivated by the striking beauty of the green tourmaline centerpiece. The triangle cut accentuates the gemstone's natural brilliance, allowing it to radiate with a captivating sparkle. The lush green hue of the tourmaline adds a touch of vibrancy and vitality, reminiscent of lush landscapes and natural beauty.

The 14k gold band with a matte finish complements the tourmaline beautifully, providing a contemporary and luxurious touch. The matte finish adds a unique texture to the ring, creating an exquisite contrast against the lustrous gemstone. The warm and inviting tone of the 14k gold enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, making this ring an eye-catching and versatile piece.

The "Triangle Ring" is not only a testament to impeccable design but also a symbol of individuality and style. Its geometric shape and vibrant gemstone make it a standout accessory, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. Elevate your personal style and express your unique taste with this extraordinary ring.

This ring was made by friend of mine, Fiz.


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